Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies (XIDAS), was inaugurated on 03 December 1995 is a Registered Society run by the Madhya Pradesh Jesuit Society. XIDAS is a charitable, non-profit, educational institution

Jesuit Legacy

St. Ignatius of Loyola formed a small group of learned men to provide quality services to the people.  Pope Julius III gave the approval to this group on September 27, 1540 and it was known as the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Francis Xavier was one of the first seven Jesuits. The Jesuits opened many schools and colleges across Europe for empowering people.

St. Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier was born on April 7, April1506 in Xavier, Kingdom of Navarre (Spain). He was one of the first seven Jesuits along with Ignatius of Loyola. He studied in the University of Paris and planned a career as an educator. Whilst studying in the University, Francis Xavier became a friend of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Ignatius of Loyola convinced Francis Xavier to use his education and talents to spread the knowledge and education. He was sent to Goa in 1542 and started many schools. He died on December 03, 1552.

St. Francis Xavier is the patron of Xavier schools and colleges run by the Jesuits across globe.   There are more than 18000 Jesuits who are engaged in noble cause of spreading knowledge and education all over the world, through approximately 1500 formal institutions and 50 universities spread all over the world.

Fr. Michael Van den Bogaert, S.J.

Fr. Michael Van Den Bogaert, S.J., Founder XIDAS was born on October 16, 1928, in Willebroek near Michelen, an industrial town in Belgium. He come to India in 1951. He was appointed as the Director of XISS, Ranchi in 1963. He moved to XIM, Bhubaneswar and established in Centre for Development Research and Training (CENDERET) in 1987. He came to Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) and founded Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies (XIDAS), Jabalpur on December 3, 1995 at Jabalpur. In 2008 he went to Xavier Institute of Social Action (XISA), Raipur. He died in Raipur on August 31, 2009.